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We do everything in a SOLID way

Create a successful project with our Team, Experience and Technology

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Flutter & Dart

Create cross-platform native apps with unprecedented code-sharing between different platforms (including web).

Serverless & Cloud

Reduce development time and costs by using new generation cloud & serverless technologies.


We use the best enterprise security practices & tools that ensure that sensitive information is treated securely.

Career Path

We help our employees to grow from Junior to Architect in 11 knowledge areas and making sure that relevant experience earned along the way.

MoBile Applications

Mobile applications is what we love

We started with Flutter as an early adopter when it was in its beta version. We built upon our knowledge skillset to become solid the right way. Utilizing an amazing coding language and platform built by Google allowing us to make pixel-perfect applications that our users love.

Fully Responsive

We make sure that our apps work well on different screens.

Smooth Animations

Pixel perfect animations always catch user's eyes.

Perfect Template
15000+ Happy Users
20+ Projects Completed
8 Team Members
∞ Cups of Coffee

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Flutter?

Flutter is Google's portable UI toolkit for crafting beautiful, natively compiled applications for mobile, web, and desktop from a single codebase.

Can you make web applications?

Yes, we excited how easy it is to share business logic across mobile and web platforms. We can implement once and reuse everywhere.

Why serverless/cloud?

We see that new tools like Firebase give significant speed boost in application development, we can focus on functionality and adding value rather than on deployment/configuration/setup. Also for small projects, it's much cheaper/cost-effective.

Do you have open positions?

Yes! Please contact Yana Mandziuk
Current positions:
1. Flutter Developer

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