Get your freight faster and cheaper. Earn while you travel.

We were responsible for:
  • Mobile
  • Dart
  • Flutter

Scope of the project

Reduce your carbon footprint and direct your freight expenditure back to your community using the revolutionary Fluxx two-sided peer-to-peer general freight platform.
Advertise a freight request and have your goods delivered quicker and cheaper using the Fluxx geolocational algorithm to match your delivery with a peer travelling to your location.
Subsidise your cost of travel and earn money by delivering freight to others on your route. Freight sizes are categorised, so no matter what you drive, there's something that you can carry.

How it works


Simply enter the size, priority, delivery and pick up location of your goods. Set a price that you are willing to pay to have your items delivered and Fluxx will pair your items with a Fluxx user heading to your location.


In need of some extra cash? Whether you ride a push bike or drive a truck, you can receive notifications or search for freight delivery contracts near you. Peruse the maps and observe the selectable icons to find a freight delivery that suits you.

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